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Keep Your Boat High and Dry

Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy. The EZ BoatPort® is a simple and stable drive-on, drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 5,000 lbs. Removable and changeable bunks can accommodate hull shapes from flat-bottoms to deep-Vs, making this the perfect choice for boats including skiffs, fishing boats, and jet boats. The EZ BoatPort is also available with side extensions for additional walk-around room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and covering.

Take a look at the boat docking solutions below to find a configuration that works best for you. Not sure what you need? Contact your local EZ Dock dealer for a customized setup.

EZ Dock commercial and residential boat ports are a fast and simple solution if you need a low-maintenance, stable, durable, drive-on boat dock. You can contact your EZ Dock dealer to discuss the residential and commercial boat ports for sale or to talk about a customized solution. Our floating boat dock solutions include:

  • EZ BoatPort® BP2000, with a 90 square feet area and 2,000 lbs. capacity
  • EZ BoatPort® BP3000, with Side Extensions, a 140 square feet area and 3,000 lbs. capacity
  • EZ BoatPort® BP4001, with Float Tank & Air-Assist, featuring a 156 square feet area and 4,000 lbs. capacity as well as an EZ BoatPort® base, 80″ dock, float tank, air assist pump, and either long or short bunks
  • EZ BoatPort® BP5000, with a 205 square feet area and 5,000 lbs. capacity
  • EZ BoatPort® BP5001, with Side Extensions, Float Tank & Air-Assist, 240-square-feet area and 5,000 lbs. capacity